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Putting the puzzle together
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Putting the puzzle together

The Minnesota Region needs additional members on our Fellowship Services Team, (FST). The region meets four times a year, and the FST meets by conference call/online at least once between each RSC meeting. This is a great way to help carry our message of hope to addicts all over the state. Some of the ongoing projects that we’re working on are:

  • The Helpline
  • Meeting Lists
  • Bridging the Gap
  • Public Relations Events
  • Sponsorship Behind the Walls
  • Prison Transition Fairs

Right now, we’re also looking for a secretary and liaisons for MNNAC and the Upper Midwest Service Office.

If you are a leader, looking for an exciting new service opportunity, fill out the form.  There is a 3-year cleantime requirement. Questions? info@naminnesota.org.

NA Minnesota Volunteer

Thank you for volunteering to serve our fellowship.