Bridging the Gap

Addicts nearing release from facilities and institutions can experience feelings of fear about re-entering society.  They may worry that they won’t find the support they need to keep their recovery going.  Narcotics Anonymous can help.

We “Bridge the Gap” so newly released addicts don’t have to walk alone across that scary gap between the beginning of recovery in treatment or incarceration and the rest of recovery in NA.

Shortly after receiving a request for help, an NA volunteer will contact the addict.  In those first critical days, the temporary NA contact will accompany the addict to a variety of NA meetings, make introductions to other members of Narcotics Anonymous,  and share his/her experience of recovery.

Bridging the Gap Infographic

Request Temporary Contact - Professional

Within two or three days prior to release you or your client provide NA with the date of release, the city of residence after release, and an after release contact phone number. This information is not published or used for any purpose other than NA making an initial contact after release. On the day of release, an NA volunteer will contact the addict to make arrangements to meet at a local NA meeting. The temporary NA contact will provide the newcomer with NA literature, NA meeting lists, make introductions to other members of Narcotics Anonymous, and share their personal experience of recovery through the Narcotics Anonymous program.
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